Monday, May 27, 2013

Help my friend to promote

Sanitary Ware Product

Pada posting saya untuk hari ini saya sedang berada di Bangkok, dan sewaktu disini saya diminta tolong untuk membuat tulisan tentang sanitary ware untuk product sanitary wareGiovanni, waktu itu saya sempat membuat tulisan tentang about us nya di di website Giovanni tersebut menjual berbagai macam jenis, Giovanni adalah perusahaan Importir untuk segala jenis Sanitary Ware Product semua productnya menggunakan design dari Italia, tetapi dibuat di Taiwan, dia adalah pemegang Brand tunggal untuk GiovanniBlossomUniair product tersebut sudah banyak dikenal di berbagai kalangan dari hotel hingga mall yang terdapat di ibukota

Jika anda memiliki rumah dan butuh Product Sanitary Ware jgn lupa menggunjungi website tersebut, dan silahkan chat dengan customer service yang ol di kolom chat dia akan membantu anda, dan mintalah discount untuk segala product yang akan anda beli.

Sekian Tulisan dari saya...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Online Shop

This is my online shop start build from last year and i decided using Jedy Closet visit this link and i hope everyone who read this article look and ask me prices for buy :D, i can give u aj great price, hohohoh, xoxo

visit to my fanpage too for Jedy Closet, and likes that pages please.

Thx for attention, to read
GV-Giovanni  adalah sebuah website E-Commerce yang menjual seluruh peralatan Sanitary Ware mulai dari   soap dispenser hingga accesorry silahakan kunjungi website tersebut, dan temukan harga yang special

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Giovanni is a Sanitary Ware Boutique from Indonesia, and adopted Italian Technology. He catches innovative inspirations from the essence of the Italy bathroom design, integrates

of the East`s Radius of culture and combines the Italian design with production process into the products, and shows classic with fashion.
In this place, perfection is the only symbol. Perseverance in the relentless pursuit of perfection. He is a post-industrial era, from the birth of fine art in Italy!
This is a company who specializes in the development, production and sale for vanities taps, shower taps, kitchen taps, and other related ancillary products.
Since establishment of the company, we keep on devoting in the research and the development of Sanitary Wares, and determining to become a World Class manufacturer and vendor in sanitary products.
With the attitude of striving for the innovation by the science and technology, accurate market localization and people oriented design concepts, combines Italy advanced sanitary ideas with the surrounding area culture of the east, uses the advanced production management, carries out the quality control standard strictly and establishes the post sale service system of taking the customer as the central so as to improve the development of World Class Sanitary Products. Our productions win difficult kinds of honors and have a good selling in Indonesia and so other countries and areas.
In this time we devote to the native market development as usual, receive the international field of vision, the vanguard technology and the specialized brand operation idea and grows strong the brand of continually for meeting the local demand of sanitary ware production and improving the quality of life of consumers to achieve a high degree of synchronization with the world with the cost effective products and services.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Design

New web design for our lovely shop Jedy Closet. Jedy Closet have the logo is birdcage, it means Fashion is Freedon, but they have attitude. Design come from fresh idea, creatively, and mature

So, Start your fashion experience from Jedy Closet. Adorable stuff with affordable price. Howver, I hope you enjoyed this post too, okay ;) 
Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Graduation Day

After 3 years finished our campus life. That day already come, 25 April 2012 at Movieland, Jababeka.. We are graduate and have a new chapter in our life. Welcome to the New Life!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Beautiful Day

Lovely Day when Togetherness wif family and celebrate special thing in a day. Celebrate Dad and mom Bday wif simple but always remember.
" Happy Bday Dad and Mom, you are hero in our life and always in our heart.. Love you, Big hug and thousand kiss for you"

Cutest Chocolate and Sporty shoes present

Simple Ice Chocolate Cake

- Polkadot Headband from Lovely Ndy -

My lovely Pattern skirt purple animal print, Loose Black top, and Polkadot Headband.. Special Out for Engagement day My Cousin. Full of Love Day..
Congratulationn For Engagement Day :)

- Jedy -